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Who is Express?

We aren’t your average solar company, we’re solar brokers and we do things differently. We are solar professionals who assist individuals or businesses in navigating the process of switching to solar. We prioritize the best interests of our customers first by providing expert guidance, transparent information, and personalized advice. Our goal is to ensure that clients make well-informed decisions regarding solar installations, financing options, equipment choices, and service providers.

About Our Ambassador Program

The Solar Ambassador Program has been designed to create a mutually beneficial alliance.


It can add value to the services you provide to your clients while also creating an additional revenue stream for your business. When you identify a potential client who is interested in solar installation, refer the client over to Express and we will take it from their. For each client that purchases a solar system or leases solar for their home or business through us you will receive compensation for your referral.


Our goal is to create a strong referral network where we can support and promote each other’s businesses and as a valued partner, we will seek opportunities to refer clients to you for your business as well. Though the referral process can be very simple and straight forward, we also will provide a ongoing web portal that will include articles to educate yourself on how solar works as well as strategies to help you connect with more potential solar clients and make more referrals to us.

Why Partner with Express?

Our partnership allows you to offer our solar services to your clients without the hassle. We will handle all their questions and objections. We take care of the paperwork and permits. We offer professional installation services and project management. Quality is everything to us and can be seen in the top of the line products we offer. Each customer is offered a 25-30 year warranty on everything we offer. Most importantly, you can rest assured that your buyer is taken care of with the best customer service in the industry when they switch to solar with Express Energy Solutions.

How Much can you Earn?

$1500+ for each successful referral.

How Does it Work?

One – Referral Agreement:

“You” and the solar company “Us” formalize the partnership through a referral agreement. This PDF handbook is our formal agreement and outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership, including how referrals will be sent, compensation details, and the responsibilities of each party.


Two – Referral Process:

When the partner “you” identifies a potential customer who is interested in solar, you’ll refer them to us (Express). You’ll make an introduction via email or phone(text).


Three – Client Contact:

The Express customer service team contacts the referred customer. They discuss the potential customers energy needs, assess their property’s solar potential, and provide information about the installation process, costs, financing options, and answer any and all questions the customer might ask.


Four – Proposal & Site Visit

Express will evaluate the property’s suitability for solar installation and if needed send out a professional solar site surveyor to get measurements and check the roof condition. Based on the assessment, the solar company provides the client with a detailed solar proposal, including the system design, estimated costs, savings projections, and financing options. The client reviews the solar proposal and decides whether to proceed with the purchase of their new solar system and energy storage solution.


Five – Solar Installation:

If the customer agrees to move forward we will have them sign any documents. Help them complete any financing or lease details needed and then schedule and install the clients new solar system. Express will handle all the technical aspects, permits, and any necessary coordination with utility companies.


Six – Compensation

You get paid again.

We Make it Easy to Send Referrals

Actually, better than easy, we’ve written out a template for you to use to introduce us to your clients via email or via text so all you have to do is copy and paste

Use the button below to download our complete Solar Ambassador handbook that includes the above scripts you can copy and paste for your introduction/referrals.

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