How much power generated in the US is green

How much power generated in the US is green

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How much power generated in the US is green, what is the goal for 100% renewable energy, and what does that mean for the solar industry?

Nearly 90% of the increase in U.S. renewable electricity between 2008 and 2018 came from wind and solar generation.

U.S. solar generation has increased from 2 million MWh in 2008 to 96 million MWh in 2018. Solar generation accounted for 2.3% of electricity generation in 2018.

But, only 3 % of the homes in the USA are producing Solar energy.

So, that means two things:

1. Lots of homes are being powered by renewable energy, but that is all mixed with the dirty energy that is being generated.

2. This is an incredible time to be in the solar industry as more and more homeowners are converting to solar energy on their own rooftops instead of the dirty energy from the grid.

In 2020, a new solar project was installed every 75 seconds!!

100% renewable energy

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