Residential Solar Case Study | Huntington Beach, CA

Residential Solar Case Study

Huntington Beach, CA

At Express Energy Solutions, we take pride in providing reliable and sustainable solar solutions to homeowners across California and the rest of the USA. In this case study, we showcase a successful solar project completed in Huntington Beach, CA. Our team installed a solar system comprising 12 high-quality solar panels, offering the homeowner substantial energy savings and a greener future.

Client Request

The client, a homeowner in Huntington Beach, CA, was interested in harnessing solar power to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their electricity bills, with a big emphasis on providing a substantial monthly cost reduction. They approached Express with a request for a comprehensive solar solution that met their specific needs.

Proposal & Financing

loan: 25 year loan

Incentives: 30% Federal Tax Credit

After conducting a detailed site assessment and evaluating the client’s energy requirements, our team presented a tailored solar proposal. The proposal outlined the optimal system size, the projected energy savings, and the estimated return on investment.

To make the project financially viable for the client, we offered attractive financing options. We secured a 25-year loan with no payment for the first 12 months, allowing the client to gradually transition to solar energy without immediate financial strain. Additionally, the project qualified for a 30% federal tax credit, which significantly reduced the overall cost.


Solar Panels: 12 Black Canadian Panels

Sollar Arrays: 2

Inverter: Enphase micro-inverters

Product Warranties: 25 year manufactur + 30 year Solar Insure plan.


Express Energy Solutions


Erika Ray

Energy Solutions Specialist

HIS License ID: 142028 SP


Milestone one

Site Survey and Technical Inspections

Before proceeding with the installation, our certified site surveyor conducted a thorough assessment of the property. The survey helped identify the best location for the solar panels, taking into account factors such as sunlight exposure, shading, and roof orientation.

Following the site survey, our technicians performed comprehensive technical inspections to ensure that the property’s electrical infrastructure was compatible with the solar system. They evaluated the main electrical panel and assessed any necessary upgrades or replacements to ensure optimal efficiency.


Milestone two

Solar Installation Day


On the scheduled installation day, our professional installation team arrived promptly at the client’s residence. They began by carefully positioning the solar panels according to the site survey results, maximizing sun exposure and minimizing shading.

During the installation process, our technicians ensured that all electrical connections were properly made and secured. They also utilized a meticulous wiring and piping plan to minimize the visibility of cables and wires on the roof.


Milestone three

Attic Run for Concealed Wiring

To maintain the aesthetic appeal of the client’s property, our team conducted an attic run. This involved carefully running the wiring and piping through the attic space, ensuring they remained concealed and did not disrupt the overall appearance of the roof.

Milestone four

Main Electrical Panel Upgrade

A new main panel upgrade is of utmost importance when transitioning to solar energy. It ensures the efficient integration of your solar system with your home’s electrical infrastructure. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the process of reconfiguring all the breakers and wiring to restore the house’s functionality as it was before can be highly challenging. To address this complexity and ensure a seamless transition, our team schedules an entire day dedicated to the electrical panel replacement. This allows us to meticulously install the new main panel, rewire the circuits, and configure the breakers to ensure optimal performance and safety. By dedicating this focused time, we prioritize delivering a reliable solar energy system while maintaining the integrity of your home’s electrical setup.

To optimize the solar system’s performance and ensure seamless integration with the existing electrical infrastructure, our team replaced the entire main electrical panel. The upgraded panel was more efficient and capable of handling the increased energy flow from the solar panels.


Express Energy Solutions

The solar project completed in Huntington Beach, CA, showcased [Your Solar Company’s Name]’s commitment to delivering high-quality solar solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. By installing 12 solar panels, we helped the homeowner significantly reduce their reliance on traditional electricity sources and embrace a sustainable, cost-effective energy alternative.

Throughout the process, we documented each step with images, capturing the site survey, technical inspections, solar installation day, and the attic run. These images serve as a testament to our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing solar installation experience.

If you are considering transitioning to solar energy, contact [Your Solar Company’s Name] today. Our expert team is ready to customize a solar solution that meets your energy needs while maximizing your savings and environmental impact.