Solar Edge Storage Solution

Grid Goes Off. Life Goes On.

From partial to full-house backup SolarEdge Home Battery is there.

  • With best-in-class battery efficiency you use and store more power.
  • Backup more switches, sockets, and heavy appliances in an outage with up to 30% more power than any other battery.
  • Add multiple batteries for extended outage power and greater year-round savings.
  • See how easy it is to live uninterrupted.
  • Extend outage protection by connecting multiple batteries.
  • Keep electric bills low by using more stored energy and less grid.

solaredge home batteries

Solar Edge Battery Options

Batteries can store excess solar energy produced by a home’s solar panels for use at a later time. This is important because solar panels only produce energy during the day when the sun is shining. If a home uses more energy than is being produced by the solar panels during the day, then the excess energy can be stored in batteries and used later, such as at night or during cloudy weather.

Solar Edge Products

How Many Batteries

Key Features



25 years, Power Optimizers


Up to 25 years, 10 Years Backup Interface


70% at 10 years, “Unlimited Cycles!”


With SolarEdge, PV system safety starts at the module level to maximize the protection of people and property.

Our comprehensive  safety suite contains enhanced features that meet the industry’s strictest safety regulations, designed to ensure the well-being of installers, maintenance staff, first responders and system owners.

These features include SafeDC™ which reduces DC voltage to touch-safe levels during grid failures or inverter shut-down. Module-level monitoring platform (free for 25 years) sends automatic alerts on system issues, preventing potential safety risks while our monitoring platform enables you to address many module issues remotely. And Arc Fault Detection & Prevention identifies and terminates electric arcs using automatic inverter shutdown for string lengths up to 400m.


You’re in Control

mySolarEdge is the smart, easy to use app that puts you in control of your energy from battery backup to EV car charging.

  • See the savings and monitor the power you produce from every panel.
  • Keep bills low with real-time monitoring.
  • Weather Guard monitors storm activity and automatically maximizes home backup so you’re covered in an outage.


SolarEdge Energy Bank FAQs